Benefits of a Facelift

Patients looking for facial rejuvenations seek facelifts. They want improvement of visible signs of aging such as sagging skin, deep creases below the eyes, creases along the nose, loss of skin tone and development of jowls, and the development fat deposits creating loose skin and double chins. Facelifts will not halt the aging process nor change the fundamental structure or framework of your face. Increasing signs of aging is a natural process but can be accelerated by stress, hereditary factors, the environment you live in, and gravity.

There are a few types of face lifts, but the three most common are the traditional face-lift, the mini face lift, and injection treatments.

Traditional are the most common procedure utilized. The plastic surgeon will pull back the skin to create a tighter and youthful facial appearance. In the past, this created a “wind in your face” look where it was obvious that a procedure had been done. The traditional technique has improved though, and plastic surgeons now pull the skin upward, to create a natural appearance, versus outwards, which creates a wind tunnel appearance. The benefit of undergoing a traditional procedure is tremendous because the effects are longer lasting than other treatments might be.

Mini facelifts are a great alternative to the traditional because they achieve the same results and the procedure and recovery time are quicker. The surgeon will target specific areas of your face to treat that will create a youthful appearance. For example, the surgeon will remove wrinkles and reinforce the check shape, which will then tighten any jowls and define your jaw line. Every mini facelift will be different for each patient because the surgeon will have specific targets depending on prior conversation and planning. Mini face lifts are especially beneficial to patients aged between 40 and 65.

Mini’s sometimes done in conjunction with a neck lift. Platysmaplasty is a neck lift that tightens sagging or loose skin on the neck and improves the angle shaped by the neck and the chin. Surgeons often perform them in conjunction with each other because the two procedures both benefit from each other and create a more natural appearance.

Injections are a beneficial non-surgical face lift alternative for some patients who wish to avoid surgery. Although the results are not as long-lasting, and you have to more frequent visits with your surgeon, there is no recovery time and patients can continue with their daily routines immediately.

Ulthera and Sculptra are the most common injections used. Ulthera is the newest and most effective, but Sculptra is the most long lasting. Ulthera only requires one treatment to rejuvenate collagen in the skin and create a natural look, especially around the eyes. Sculptra adds volume to the face, which removes wrinkles, by encouraging the body to produce naturally new collagen at the spot of the injection. Sculptra usually requires two to three treatments; however, the results are long lasting.

Although all three of these face lift treatments are different, they share one common benefit. The results of face lifts improve the self-esteem of patients, which improves mental health and allows patients to lead a life where they are comfortable in their skin and happy.